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2 Jun 2017

5 Lead Generating Tips For A Great Landing Page

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 5 Lead Generating Tips For A Great Landing Page


The main 5 Lead Generating Tips For A Great Landing Page that you must know are:

1- Remove Distractions:

The goal of your landing page should be lead generation: delivering your lead magnet and getting users’ data. Remove anything that is not focused on this goal,. This means no website navigation, no external links, and no secondary action. The user is here to get your lead manager and that’s the sole purpose of the page.

Many visitors won’t scroll down your page and will decide what to do in few seconds based on what they can immediately see. Whenever is possible keep your form, call to action and most important benefits above the fold ( usually this means within the first 700px of height )

You should also use colors that stand out from the rest of the page and can make your box and call to action more visible.

2- You look where they look:

You should create pathways that direct the user’s attention right where you want it. This can be achieved in many ways.

You can use arrows pointing at your form, you can play with colors and can use humans looking exactly where you want to focus the attention.

3-Lead generation with facebook ads:

Before you start, to successfully advertise on facebook and be able to optimize your campaigns you want to be sure you’re able to track your most important metric.

To do this you need to track conversions.

Create a great face book ads design- first of all you’ll need to take care of your design. The key here is testing multiple options to come up with the best one. Ideally you’ll want to test at least 3 pictures, a couple of headlines and a couple of face book  post’s text. That’ll results in (3*2*20 12 different ads that you’re going to test.

(Ad espresso makes it super simple to run these tests)

3- Test and optimize your campaign:

Never stop testing. There are no magic strategies to quickly identify your audience; it’s all about building a repeatable and measurable learning process that will drive you to success.

Target your website traffic: users who already know you are more likely to covert. The audience is likely limited but it’s a low anging fruit, you’ll generate a lot of leads for really low prices.

  • Exclude people who already converted: create a website custom audience with everyone who saw your thank you page.

4- Lead nurturing and close the sale! :

As an example, with ad  Espresso  our usual customer lifecycle is a bit longer:

-Blog discovery

-Newsletter subscription

-Ebook download

-Free facebook Ad campaign analysis with adcompass

-Free trial

-Demo webinar

-Paid subscription

This is something that really depends on your business. If the price point is low and the product is an easy sell you can go for it much faster.

Using both website custom audiences , you can create a set of campaigns that will automatically advertise to your new leads.

5- Don’t under-estimate your thank you page:

This is an error that is done really often. What you generally do is you fill a form  to subscribe to a newsletter or download an e-book, and everything we get is a page telling you “ thank you for subscribing, Here’s the link to the e-book/webinar”.

It sucks. I’ve just showed interest for your product, I gave you trust leaving my personal data…and I end up in a dead-end street with no links, no suggestions…nothing just a thank you. Check out your thank you page now and think what else you could offer your users there.










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