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Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur

Digital Marketing Courses in JaipurYou may see all around, everything is going online from cab booking-Uber to Ola, for movie ticket bookings- Bookmyshow to Ticketplease, for money transfer- Paytm to Paypal, for shopping- Amazon to Flipkart and many more.

Internet has been the part of everyone’s life and this is the future industry to make your career. This is the high time to move your career in this future industry of Internet. A great career is waiting for you.

Our Classroom Courses with 100% Live Practice on Website

Features Which No Other Institute Provides

CIMP-Web Marketing Programme

Rs 24000

  • Website Development
  • Website Management
  • 28 Digital Marketing Modules
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Certifications
  • Live Projects
  • Free Software
  • Client Website for Practical
  • Job Assistance

EBSP - E-Business Programme

Rs 27000

  • Website Development
  • Website Management
  • 28 Digital Marketing Modules
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Certifications
  • Live Projects
  • Free Software
  • Own E-Business Web Portal
  • Project Assistance
  • E-Business Skills
  • Corporate Communication
  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Start-up Business Classes
  • Business Start-Up Assistance

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Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur

EIIM is well-known for offering services with the main intention of developing industry ready professional in digital marketing in Jaipur. EIIM offers Digital Marketing training in Jaipur which includes website development and website management training, digital marketing training, your own free website (means as a practical, you will develop your own website here without any extra charge, will make digital marketing strategy for your website, and use the digital marketing techniques on your website to see the results), several certifications, and free software worth thousands of rupees along with the job assistance.


28+ Advanced Modules of Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur


Modules of Digital Marketing Training Programme

Website Development

EIIM is the only Training Institute in Jaipur which offers free website designing with the digital marketing course for practicals ……..Click here


You will expertise in SEO, SEM, SMM, E-Mail marketing, Display Ad, Affiliate marketing, Blogging, Analytics in the Training …….Click here


Traffic Generation Modules of Digital Marketing Training


Local SEO

In this training module you learn how to promote your local business and get on top of the local result listing through google map ……… Click here 

Organic SEO

This module include google webmaster tools, on page SEO, off page SEO, back-linking, crawling, indexing, manual search etc. …….Click here


Here you will learn Search engine optimization and how to rank your ads on top with low cost, and creating lending pages  …………….Click here 

Display Ad

In this training module you learn to run your banner ads on websites, mobile apps and youtube channel in a few dollars only………Click here


Here we cover Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Youtube and you will grasp to optimize these social media without ant expences ……Click here


Here you will know to run advet. campaign on social media, as awareness, traffic generation and lead capturing advt ……….Click here


Blogging plays a vital role in getting business from several sources so we always provide in built blog in your website and teach  …………….Click here 

E-mail Marketing

In this course you will be able to run email campaign using different ESP, and will be able to create html templates for  ………Click here


Lead Generation Modules of Digital Marketing Training


Web Engagement

All the visitor are not always be your customer so we will teach you to put forms, pop-ups and live chat into your website so ……Click here


In digital marketing course Hubspot is an important tool. You will learn to get detailed reporting, create sales funnel & automation ………Click here


You will learn to create CPA ads, will follow your target market and will be able to retarget them on the basis of their behaviour on …………….Click here 

Google Analytics

Includes detailed analysis of the traffic, find out the deviations in performance and take corrective action to re-plan & get results ………Click here


Making Money Through Internet

Ad Sense

This is a source of earning money through internet, here you will learn to create MFA website and earning through adsense ……Click here

Banner Ad

This is a source of earning money through internet, here you will learn to get banner ads and to put it into the website to earn  ………..Click here

Referral Marketing

This is a source of earning money through internet, here you will explore to earn money through blogging and to run a successful blog …………..Click here 

Affiliate Marketing

This is a source of earning money through internet, here you will learn to have affiliate account and to insert into the web ………Click here

Earning From Youtube

Creating you tube channel and monetize it & become a youtuber to position yourself along with earning money   ……Click here


Here you will learn how to get freelancing projects, create proposals, and how to give result to your clients and retain them ………..Click here


You will be able to create your own ecommerce website, able to manage it, learn order management and  e-commerce …………Click here 


Out Motto is to create entrepreneurs & assist in start-ups. we can claim that you will surely develop your own E-business here ………Click here


Supporting Modules of Digital Marketing Training

Web Speed/Security

Website speed plays an important role in digital marketing, and everyone need website security as well, you will learn here both ……Click here


Online Reputation Management is a buzzword in digital marketing courses as being online only is not sufficient but you must have positive repo     ………..Click here

Mobile/App Marketing

Along with website digital marketing you will learn marketing on mobiles and how to market if you have an app instead of web …………….Click here 

Google Products & Certification

You will have a detailed intro to all google products and you will be able to have several internationally acclaimed certifications  ………Click here


Value Addition with Digital Marketing Training

Work on Live Projects

After introductory class of each topic, we always teach entire module 100% practically on live website/project only ……Click here

Start-up Business Classes

digital marketing course can’t be completed unless implemented it on Business & we provide business classes for start-up …..Click here


Placement: Our Certified Professionals get Job offers easily with better salaries, better companies & in better job profiles in Jaipur and Delhi.

Why & How?

Digital Marketing Training in JaipurThese days most Professionally Qualified People are hired not only on the basis of their knowledge of work, but also on the basis of their Practical learning, Domain expertise, Communication skills, and professional skills which are of direct use to the companies, in other words organization needs Industry Ready Professionals.

This Digital marketing training in jaipur is Skill Development Program and not classes of imparting knowledge from books. digital marketing training is delivered by Expert lecturers, Practicals, and Exercises on Computers and on Live projects/Websites, you will be designing your own website and using the digital marketing techniques on the same etc. This training also encompasses improvement in Communication skills, Soft skills, Confidence level, Interview skills, and Business skills.

EIIM Provides Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur with a practical approach. All The Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur teach Digital Marketing techniques as SEO, SEM, SMM etc which is beneficial for being an SEO executive or Digital marketing professional but Certified Internet Marketing Professional (CIMP) is not only about Digital Marketing program but also it’s about making Internet Marketing Professionals who can develop website on their own, manage them and able to make a digital marketing strategy and implement the digital marketing techniques as  SEO, SEM, SMM E-mail marketing, analytics etc for a business. So Digital Marketing is one of the important parts of this digital marketing training but along with it you develop your own website, manage it, and start earning from it.

Being a fresher or say with only a Digital Marketing certificate, one hardly gets a good opportunity to work in a company particularly in Jaipur if he/she doesn’t know website management along with digital marketing course.

To explain the same we take an example – Do you expect any company not to tell a digital marketing or internet professional to make some changes in website?  – No – If you are working in any role of digital marketing or internet profile it is expected that along with digital marketing applications you must be able to make some minor changes in website and many a times you need to make some changes in website for digital marketing as well, just like creating lending pages etc. (Company will not hire an assistant for you to make some minor changes in website which suits your Digital Marketing strategy), and if you are able to develop a website it will increase your worth in the company.

Similarly take another example- After a few years when you have a good experience in digital marketing and you have an idea to start an online business will you again join a course to develop and manage website or you pay an hefty amount to develop your website?  –Again No –

If you are able to develop a website and manage it along with Digital Marketing than you will be considered a truly Internet Marketing Professional and here Certified Internet Marketing Professional (CIMP) digital marketing Program plays a vital role.

A digital marketing course in Jaipur from EIIM digital marketing institute Jaipurwill help you now, tomorrow, years to come and also when you are the head of department in a company or starting your own business as we include all the Advanced modules of Digital Marketing Training.

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