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Corporate skills

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We should applaud the fact that academics, careers advisers and employers are working together to give students, including those studying arts and humanities subjects, the opportunity to add to and apply the many skills they are already developing through their courses (Students could boost marks by showing ‘corporate skills). But it is wrong to suggest that it is just the big “corporate” that value the ability to think, to communicate those thoughts, to negotiate, to motivate and lead others etc.
Such skills are also vital to our public and not-for-profit sectors, to small and medium-sized enterprises, to society as a whole and to the individual outside work. Tomorrow’s graduates will undoubtedly need to demonstrate that they possess them, not only to find a job and be successful in the workplace, but especially if they aspire to leave the world a better place. So it’s good to be able to reassure the next generation of students and their parents that university is a place where they will not only be enriched by the study of their chosen subject but that they will emerge ready to play a full part in both the economy and wider society.Your present position is a stepping stone to your new career. Moving to a new career is going to require new skills and qualifications. The corporate job that you have right now has taught you many skills which you can use for your next position.
Some skills are universal. They can be parlayed effectively into any profession. Here are some skills and ideas which will help you gain that new career.
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