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Earn Money Through YouTube

Earn Money through YouTube

Earn Money through YouTube


Ways to Earn Money from YouTube


When viewing a way to make money on YouTube, the simplest method is through ads: You let YouTube display different types of ads in your videos or alongside them, and when viewers click on these ads or purchases something, you receive a commission.

To make money from ads, you’ll have to be compelled to become a YouTube partner. You can make money from ads on your videos, channel memberships, and Super Chat features. These chats give viewers on a live chat increased visibility by boosting their comments.

However, there are some ground rules to observe before becoming a certified YouTube Partner as well as some prerequisites needed to start. Aside from religiously adhering to YouTube’s ad rules, you must have been able to amass a minimum of 4,000 video watch hours on your channel and 1,000 subscribers within the last 12 months.

There is no concrete timeline or format to urge these foundational 4,000 hours. You can get 100 hours each on 40 videos, and there you’re. Then if you’re the viral maestro, you’ll be able to get the 4,000 hours or 24,000 full views on one video.



As your channel grows and you’ve got more subscribers, you’ll start getting approached by different brands to showcase their products to your audience. Sponsors will usually pay you a flat fee for advertising per video, and supply you with a special link in order that if someone actually buys a product from them, you also receive an extra commission. It’s a great way to monetize YouTube.

This is an excellent way of earning an income through YouTube because all you would like to try and do is spend a moment approximately showcasing products you’re keen on in your videos.


3. Check out YouTube Red: AdSense isn’t the sole way partners can make money on YouTube. You can also make videos available on YouTube Red, which is that the site’s ad-free subscription service. And if you’ve got quite 1,000 active subscribers, you’ll put videos behind a paywall and enable Super Chat, which lets viewers pay to possess their messages highlighted during a live stream. To use that feature, partners need to be older than 18.




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