Website Engagement

Website Engagement

Website Engagement

It is important for the business to know how the users’ users likely to stay on your site and take any actions such as subscribing, buying products or services, etc. Website engagement metrics measure what users perform on your website. Having insight into what content drives user engagement helps the business with understanding their customer better and help to form informed decisions. If a user is getting value from your website he starts using it longer and therefore the longer he uses it, the greater the chance for revenue generation.

It is measured as an average value in percentage with the reference to the time and the total unique visitors in the given time.

It also includes other activities such as:


The smallest level of engagement might be to scroll. If the user has clicked on an article link this is probably the most likely way they will first engage as they will scroll down to read more.


Ultimately we would like the user to visit more than one page so in the case of an article the hope would be that they click another title, browse blog categories or explore other areas of the website away from the blog such as looking at information about your products and services.

Watching Videos

Videos are a great way to inform, entertain and engage your website visitors. Adding links and calls to action in your videos to encourage users to visit other pages on your site is also a great way to maintain their interest.

Interactive Chat

You could either have a chatbot that pops up in a window and encourages the user to ask questions and provide information to you about their requirements and intention. You can use chat conversation to provide further internal links and help the customer to quickly navigate to the relevant page they require.

Signing up to a mailing list

Your goal may be to collect email addresses to increase your mailing list and improve future sales potential, however, it is unlikely that the person visiting your website had the intention to sign up to yet another email list when they clicked your advert or link.

Completing an inquiry form

Again, it is unlikely that this was the visitor’s primary intention and therefore you need to have made it easy for them to browse around first and find out what you do so that their interest is at a level where they want to submit an inquiry and be contacted by your sales team.

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