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Presentation Tips

  It is about placing an idea for perusal and consideration; it is about persuasion of a message built on logic and...
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Position your business Start with the mind of prospect. Changing mind is an extremely difficult task. It is much easier to work...
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Business Meetings

Mention an upcoming meeting to most employees and you’d think you asked them to clean the office toilets. How often have you...
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Knowing your Audience

How to know if your Audience is Comfortable with You When talking to someone, pay attention to their body language: it’s the...
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Emotional Intelligence

  What is Emotional Intelligence? According to Mayer and Solovey, Emotional Intelligence (EI), ‘is a type of social intelligence that involves the...
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Work-Life Balance

  Almost everyone around the world, who is working, feels the pressure at work place and often complains about not getting personal...
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Understanding ownership

    The world ownership is derived from the world “Own” Which means having the right to something. Ownership means taking the...
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