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Live Projects

Learn Digital Marketing through live projects

In this age of computers and technology it’s nearly impossible to get JOBS with just degrees or diplomas. One must be able to understand and have deep knowledge in recent technologies. To develop the skills as required by the industry, EIIM provides training through live projects.


Live projects are an integral part of digital marketing course. The live projects aim to provide more practical training of digital marketing to the students.

At EIIM, we foster the future of technology by enhancing the skills and abilities of everyone to prepare them as per the industry requirement. Our Digital Marketing course is a fully job-oriented project-based training that enables students to work on live projects from the industry.

During Digital Marketing, our students get the chance to work on live projects. We provide different projects and websites to our students for hands-on experience. It gives a complete knowledge of digital marketing to students so that students will get more practical knowledge.

Project based training in Digital Marketing in EIIM, focuses on real-time to help in job. Digital Marketing training program is designed to provide an experience of the industry for the students and assist them to start with their careers as professionals. Our team of expert digital marketing faculties work together with students which provide hands-on experience on LIVE project that comes from various different industries domains.

At EIIM, we help you choose your career properly with the right Digital Marketing training, you can be assured that you are on the right career path. The students of training will get familiarized with various essential components of Digital Marketing with real time projects and in no time the program will help to transform the participants from students into successful Digital Marketing developers.


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