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Career In Digital Marketing

With the consistently expanding popularity and utilization of the web, there is a large scope of career in digital marketing and organizations today have the broad chance to connect with the world all day, every day, impact individuals through different digital mediums and earn revenues at the convenience of a few clicks. The prevailing need and trend of digitalizing businesses have created a large demand for professionals familiar with the art of digital marketing – people that have the knowledge and skills required to creatively utilize the facility of the web for drawing the eye of prospective customers, engaging the audience and drawing sales and rewards.

In recent times, the foremost sought-after career opportunity is digital marketing. Statistics show that digital marketing industry is booming worldwide – offering 8 lakhs jobs within the very first 3 months of 2017., India’s largest job portal announced and advertised for as many as 13000 job opportunities for digital marketing professionals through its portal in the first quarter of 2018. The USA itself has generated 49000 qualitative digital marketing jobs within the year gone (2017). However, 91% of top employers consider certification as key hiring criteria, while 48% are willing to supply a better salary to certified candidates. In this way, internet marketing training demonstrates exceptionally compensating for you during the employing procedure.

Supporting digitalization, the Prime Minister of India has come up with the idea of digital India. And it acts as a promotional campaign for digital marketing leading to more job opportunities for youth to an excellent extent. Hence, there’s nothing regional; it’s a national alarm for graduates of India who all are trying to find an inviting career.

FAQs about Career in Digital Marketing –

  1. Why choose a career in Digital Marketing?

As the number of online users in India continues to grow, companies are increasingly leveraging this trend to expand their reach and target a wider audience. With over 640 million online users in India, and an expected growth to 635 million in 2021, the focus on online and digital marketing has become indispensable. This has resulted in a booming digital marketing industry with numerous opportunities and a consistently increasing demand for skilled professionals in the field.

  1. How can I grow my career in Digital Marketing?

The only constant in Digital Marketing field is “change”. With the growth of the industry, many resources are there to keep the industry professionals up to date. You can follow top marketers, online blogs, and websites. Also our Digital Marketing course helps to grow your career in Digital Marketing.

  1. What is the average salary for Digital Marketer?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a digital marketer is 8,13,003/yr. The entry-level salary starts at around 3 lakhs per annum. The increase within the salary for a digital marketer differs on the idea of experience. The increase in salary is between 30-50% depending on the industry and company.

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