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Web Security

Web Security 

Website Security

Website security is that the measures taken to secure a web site from cyberattacks. In this sense, website security is an ongoing process and an important part of managing a web site.


Why is Website Security Important?

Web security is very important in keeping hackers and cyber-thieves from accessing sensitive information. Without a proactive security strategy, businesses risk the spread and escalation of malware, attacks on other websites, networks, and other IT infrastructures. If a hacker is successful, attacks can spread from computer to computer, making it difficult to seek out the origin.

How Do I Make My Information on the online More Secure?

Use Strong Password- Now, your passwords need at least 8 characters with a mixture of lower case letters, capitals, numbers, and a special character like an exclamation mark is highly recommended.

Two-Factor Authorization

A two-factor authorization comes in handy when a web site recognizes a unique IP address is employed to login to a web site like your Google account. You are immediately sent a text message with a phone number you registered with to confirm if it is you. If you didn’t log in, you should immediately change the password to secure your account.

Always Use Secure Networks

When logging into financial and other crucial websites, look at the address bar before logging into your bank website and other sites on which you have personal information. If the address starts with HTTPS then you know it is secured. If it doesn’t, then you either have the wrong login page or possibly it is a fake website.

Use more than one Email Address

The email address you use for your banking might be more secure if you use a different email for things like Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts. If someone were to hack into one then they’d not automatically have access to the others.

 Be Cautious About Posting Your Email Address Online

This is simply an invitation for spam, it also opens up a message of “Hey, hack me. Here’s my email.” Avoid posting your email address on forums, review sites, and message boards where spammers can easily devour your address.



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