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28 Feb 2019

10 Keys to a Catchy Domain Name

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Easy to read – On the web, hard-to-read pages are very frustrating and are quickly closed. We want things easy as pie.

Easy to understand – Again, if we have to think hard about what we’re reading, it creates doubt, hesitation and stalls actions.

Shorter is better – Names with simpler, shorter words are easier to remember, spell, share and type in correctly. Thus, is better than

Easy to remember– This helps people spread your name by word of mouth. I’m sure you’ve had the situation where you’ve said to someone, “You must check out this website. It’s umm … I’ll email it to you when I get home.” The problem is, you won’t remember. Names that are easier to remember are more ideal.

Easy to spell – Some names are easy to read and understand, but can be difficult to spell. And when it comes to reaching your website, if it’s misspelled, it’s not reached!

You like it – You’re going to be using this domain name for years to come. It should be something that sounds and feels good to you.

Expresses a benefit – Remember, your target audience wants good things in life. If your domain name can tickle that fancy, it’s ideal. Ex.

Tells what you do – People love it when they click on links and the page they end up at is what they expect. It’s godsend.
Thus a name like would work well.

It’s available– Every day domain names are snatched up by new businesses and resellers. The good news is that with a little creativity, you can still come up with a good one. For example, since is taken, you could try

Go for a .com or .in over .net, .org, or any other extension.



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