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11 May 2018


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Digital Marketing is one of the top most professions especially for MBA or Marketing students. Since digital marketing is one of the most booming industry but due to less number of skilled persons demand for digital marketing is increasing.

The marketing scenario has drastically changed for last few years Digital marketing has a clean edge over traditional marketing. Companies are demanding more digital marketer. Digital marketing can be utilized for other fruitful marketing activities, e.g. – better interaction, brand building, relationship building, reputation management, customer conversion and retention, etc.


Digital Marketing is the key that can help one open the ways to online channels like Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, E-Commerce sites, websites and so on. Digital marketing aptitude and methods will give organization an edge in the overcoming marketing challenge.

Why after doing MBA also student sometimes failed to fetch good job, this happens because most of the MBA colleges are still focusing on providing theoretical knowledge instead of practical knowledge. Students only know that old traditional marketing methods .colleges and student are stick to only syllabus and books but no practical knowledge they have. In this era of 21st century everything is online, digital marketing is the new trend for marketing and promotional activities.

Digital marketing holds the key that will open entryways of opportunities and success before organizations. Digital Marketing courses after MBA would be a good investment of time and money for MBA graduates. The aptitudes procured through learning DM will help you drain the job opportunities offered by digital channels.

Why Digital Marketing is new trend for MBA?

As mentioned earlier it is considered to be the top most profession which means industry or companies are realizing the importance of online marketing in India & are looking for candidates having these skills.

Digital/Internet Marketing is the future of marketing – Digital Marketing is one of the marketing techniques where you can promote or advertise any product using digital devices. For Ex- Promoting your brand on facebook, google adwords. This industry is gaining so much importance that in near future “Digital Marketing” to become only “Marketing”.

Digital marketing has gained huge popularity and has seen immense growth in the recent years. With the surge of digital innovations companies tend to operate digitally to promote their products to acquire customers for their business. & the answer for above question is yes!! , Digital Marketing is essential for all Graduates since companies are relying on the power of Digital Marketing and spending more on their budgets obviously industries look for marketing students who have industry-relevant skills. So, the companies can develop their business, improve their leads, sales. Especially for the MBA graduates who have specialized in the areas like marketing, Communication PR, Advertising, Marketing PR. Students with other specializations will also find useful. It’s Very Important as most of the budget in coming days will be spent on Digital Advertising as we are on Mobile, Desktop, Laptop most of the day either for News or Views or Entertainment or Knowledge or Learning.

The spend on Digital is bound to increase exponentially in coming days and so basic knowledge is very essential

Benefits of digital marketing for MBA students.

  • Career  
  • Huge demand for digital marketing skills.
  • Gets you better pay & position.
  • Learning digital marketing is affordable & gives better ROI.
  • Become an Entrepreneur.

Reasons for growing demand of Digital Marketing:

  • Digital media user adoption growth
  • Digital marketing spend growth
  • Talent gap for skilled digital marketing professionals
  • Rate of change in digital marketing industry
  • Growth of Internet-based businesses

Digital marketing assists the Marketing person to:

  • Advertise the Products Online
  • Get visitors to the Web site
  • Find and reach the Potential customers.

So many career options in digital marketing

If you think digital marketing is only limited to digital marketing let me tell you how vast it is. There are many areas in this industry which itself individually are a career option:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Analytics

How digital marketing will be useful?

After spending 5–20 lacs in MBA still many of MBA students don’t get a job. But you can easily learn digital marketing practically by spending little amount which gives you a better ROI i.e. you can easily get a job starting from 20K – 1lac.

By learning these skills you can start your own blog or business, promoting your blog using digital marketing techniques will help you to earn money through ad sense, affiliate marketing etc.

The benefits of Learning Digital marketing:


Since digital marketing is 100% Non-Technical its very easy to learn & grasp, profound knowledge about internet is an added advantage to the learners.


The demand for Digital Marketing skills is in demand. So digital marketing Certification will add a more weight age to your Resume with the other skills.

  1. Digital Marketing helps you work as Freelancer or be an Entrepreneur
  • In the event that you are PC Savvy and a web Addict, by learning Digital Marketing, you can start your own particular Company or you can function as consultant by optimizing online presence of businesses.
  • Furthermore, you can also Start a Blog and enjoy profits through Advt. There are other choices too, as you can launch a site like Coupon Dunia and make profit by offering coupons of sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and so forth.
  • By searching using keywords like- “hire a digital marketing professional” or “freelance digital marketer”- you can find lots of entrepreneurs and freelancers who choose freelance digital marketing career options.

Learning Digital Marketing is far more affordable than any other professional course.

Training on Digital marketing is Equivalent to Mini MBA, Digital Marketing teaches you to give clear and detailed information on products and services by way of content marketing and updated marketing strategies and proper result oriented marketing making it in line with MBA Program.MBA course module doesn’t give industry relevant skills and it has got gap in between, Digital Marketing training for MBA graduates gives precise and accurate Hands-on Experience with the industrial experts.

  1. Digital Marketing offers variety of Job Opportunities

Digital marketing is new demand of today’s world Digital marketing is very wide it offers job in many field like SEO ,SEM ,SMO, Content marketing, Affiliated marketing.

Hope this would help you to know how digital marketing could be the best course for MBA student.


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