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27 Feb 2019

Business Etiquette

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One rule that applies universally in business is to pay attention to details and the same applies to your etiquettes and manners. It is said that the success of any business depends on how much attention they pay to perfection and to detailing. Hence, you need to give importance to how you behave in a business setting.


One of the most important business etiquette is punctuality. Respecting time is the first sign of a good businessman or a professional. If you are not on time, it gives a signal that the project or the assignment that you are/will undertake will also go through delays. People who are late are often people who cannot be trusted. Be realistic when you set a time for a meeting and make sure that you are five to ten minutes early for the meeting so that you can sit and conduct yourself well before the meeting actually begins. Always maintain a planner to avoid any sort of confusion or delay for a meeting.


Yet another important business etiquette is to maintain privacy and not reveal much. Always be to the point and avoid any scope for gossip. Maintain your secrecy in any of a deal or a contract that you are signing. Avoid any sort of personal life discussion especially with clients. Do not talk much about your organization, especially negative, when meeting a client or an external stakeholder.


Politeness and courtesy are important aspects of maintaining business etiquettes. Be kind, calm and polite with colleagues, team members, dealers, distributors, clients, customers or anyone in the business. Respect everyone’s opinion in the organization. Encourage ideas and consider what everyone has to say about the organization’s development. Be modest and humble in your approach to win your juniors. No one likes a boss who dictates and commands authority.


What you wear and how you dress is also important. Build a good taste in clothes and dress appropriately. Always wear clothes that fit you well and choose office colors like white, black, light pink, blue, brown, beige etc. Women should avoid wearing heavy dresses. Keep your clothing simple and comfortable yet stylish. Opt for minimal jewellery. Pay attention to accessories especially shoes and bags. Maintain a good hair style and do not wear a lot of make up. Wear some heels to give a good body posture but avoid very high heels as they are not comfortable.


Pay attention to your oral and written communication. Be it your e-mails, SMS, notes or anything else, make sure that you use correct business language. Address the letters properly and do not use casual language even if your colleague is your best friend. Always mention the details but be to the point. Even when you are talking, come to the point and avoid long meaningless discussions. Use good vocabulary and have a strong command over your language so that you can communicate your ideas well. Business has a lot to do with communication and hence, pay a lot of attention to what you say and how you say it.

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