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8 Apr 2021

Common Misconceptions About Content Marketing

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Content Marketing vs. SEO


Content marketing and SEO do not compete with each other. Instead they are two parts of a more holistic marketing plan. Content marketing and SEO intertwine within this plan to drive success. You cannot have strong SEO without having some form of content marketing. And while you can write and publish content on the web, for you to be truly successful at content marketing you need to utilize SEO.


A Deeper Look into Content Marketing


Content marketing is the process of creating focused and compelling content. This content is generated with purpose and it is focused on serving a specific target market.

Goals of Content Marketing

  • Brand awareness for an individual or company
  • Prospect nurturing
  • Lead generation and conversions / Revenue generation

Components of Content Marketing

  • Define objectives
  • Identify the target market and buyer personas
  • Create a strategy and plan
  • Create compelling and useful content, and Promote content
  • Define metrics and review available reporting


Content marketing focuses on the target audience, their needs, and the goal of building engagement.


A Deeper Look into SEO


SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization. Practicing the best practices of SEO will help a website owner better position themselves in these search results and increase their visibility on the internet. SEO includes a large list of checks that are comprised of small modifications to process, content, code, and design. When performed individually, these changes might have a small and immaterial impact on search rankings. When combined together in a formal process, these changes will have have a large impact on a page or post’s placement in organic search results.


Goals of SEO

  • Discover the proper keywords that relate to a given target marketing or audience
  • Improve ranking of specific keywords in search engines
  • Drive visitor traffic to a website
  • Generate revenue

Components of SEO

  • Perform keyword research and define focused keywords
  • Establish a proper site structure by mapping focused keywords to content
  • Create compelling and useful content with Optimization of content for on-page SEO factors
  • Promote content via social media
  • Build internal links to focused content

SEO focuses on keywords, build visibility in search, and driving greater website traffic.


So Who Wins the Content Marketing vs. SEO Battle?

No one, because there is no battle. These two marketing tactics go together like you cannot have strong SEO without the creation of killer content. And you cannot reach the largest audience for your content marketing efforts if you don’t have solid SEO in place.

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