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28 Feb 2019

Email Etiquette

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Emails have become an important aspect in any organizational communication. However, there are many employees who belittle the importance of email communication and do not follow appropriate e-mail etiquettes. E-mails have become extremely important in today’s world of communication. Most of the business is conducted over the internet through e-mails. Employees need to be cautious while drafting e-mails to prospective clients. If a company or an organization is able to deal professionally through e-mails, they can be competitively smart and advanced. There are many aspects to proper and timely e-mail communication.


Why does one need email etiquette? To maintain efficiency, clear communication and professionalism in an organization. Also emails are important as they serve as evidence and can guard your company from costly law suits.


Using appropriate email communication can help your company to be professional in their approach. E-mails also increase efficiency as you can put your point forth more easily and in a much more effective manner.


One of the most important email etiquette is to be concise and to the point. Do not draft long unclear emails. Answer all the queries that a potential client has and pre-empt further questions. Use of grammar and punctuation should be perfect. Use correct spellings and do not use the SMS language. Address the email correctly to whomsoever concerned. You can use words like Dear Mr./Ms/Mrs.….Be professional in your language and do not make it sound personal. You can use templates for frequently used responses. Try and respond to e-mails faster. Answer the queries swiftly so that the client feels that he or she can trust you. The subject line of the e-mail is also important. Frame the sentence in the subject line clearly and concisely. Use proper structure & layout. Do not write in capital letters unless you want to highlight something.


Do not attach unnecessary files as it can become too much for a reader to read. Always remember to proof read your email before you send it across. Do not overuse the ‘high priority’ option and the ‘reply to all’ option. This will make the other person/team members feel that you are desperate or are trying to get attention. Remember to always add disclaimer and designation and contact details at the end of your email. This will make it easy for the receiver to contact you via phone if he or she wants to. Try and avoid any abbreviations. In case you are using any kind of abbreviations, mention the details in the bracket. Use active voice while drafting emails instead of passive.


Be cautious of the rich text option. Do not using large font size. Avoid using colorful font as well. Avoid long sentences as they can get confusing. Keep your text short and sweet. Keep your language gender neutral and avoid clarifying any kind of misunderstanding over e-mails. It is better to discuss sensitive and confidential issues over the phone or in person. Do not CC mails unnecessarily.


E-mails are no doubt a fast and a very effective means of communication however do remember the above tips to be effective at your email communication.

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