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28 Feb 2019

Image Building

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The definition of the word professional as per oxford English Dictionary is “An occupation in which an individual excels or professes to be skilled in and to follow it”


Professionalism encompasses the qualities, characters and conducts of particular professions. Professionalism is the demonstration of the attributes and standards that are established in that particular field. A professional attitude can be displayed in any field of Endeavour. When you demonstrate certain behavior repeatedly it confirms consistency and reflects the most likely behavior expected of you.


Some useful ideas on how you can build your image are:

  • Elevator pitch: An excellent way to decide what you need to say the moment you meet someone for the first time or you have the opportunity to do so for a short time is to pretend that you have entered an elevator along with the person. What you can say that make an impact on that person in 30 seconds so that he/she not only remember you but want to meet you again. The important lesson is to plan it and leave out irrelevant details. It is important to give your name, otherwise how will he/she know who you are? The person is more interested in what you have to offer and your capability in providing it. Create a powerful opening statement that ‘hooks’ your conversation partner into a response.
  • Clarity: preparing a speech is only half the battle, the other half is presenting it with impact. A great way to improve how you speak is to record yourself and listen to your own voice. You will immediately realize where you need to improve. Avoid useless words
  • Correspondence and e-mail messages: Letters, proposals and e-mails are a large part of professional life these days.

When writing about sensitive issues. Always make it a rule to get someone else to read what you have written before sending it.

  • Visiting cards: The purpose of a visiting card is to help the person know you. Make sure that your name, company’s name, designation, phone number, e-mail id and website are clearly visible on the card. Does Your Card Make Customers Want To Call You? Have you given them a REASON to call you? Often a free offer printed at the back of your card is reason enough.
  • Courtesy: small gestures that show appreciation go a long way in nurturing a relationship. For example, a simple thank you at the end of a meeting serves to remind the person you are. Thank you should be said confidently.

Another powerful courtesy is remembering what people tell you.


General Etiquette-A good social behavior is defined as etiquette.

  • Always be polite:
  • Avoid swearing: is simply incorrect. In a professional environment. Swearing is clearly not acceptable.
  • Control you volume: when talking on the phone or in company, keep a watch on the volume.
  • Control your temper: The rules about being polite also apply when it comes to losing one’s temper. It is more powerful when you have your temper in control. You remain in control and maintain the respect of the other person.
  • Avoid staring: Resist the temptation to give your undivided attention to something that is not your business. It is intimidating to the victim.
  • Avoid spitting: At no public occasion, spitting is acceptable. The modern business environment does not condone spitting.

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