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28 Feb 2019

Types of Personality

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Personality analyzed is half the battle won: By understanding the types of personalities one can analyze his/her own personalities better by knowing which category their personality falls under and one can choose his/her career accordingly.


Different people have different kinds of personalities. Some are introverts and some are extroverts by nature and personality. Most of us just limit ourselves to being known by just this differentiation, but do we know that a person has many more layers of distinction even under these two universal types of personalities.


These are the broad categories of personality type:


A person is either primarily Extroverted or Introverted

When one talks to someone and makes a conversation and effort, she or he is being extraverted. When someone is reading or keeping to themselves, he or she is being introverted.

A person is either primarily Sensing or Intuitive

When someone is noticing a new dress on the window display, that person in sensing. When someone is thinking of a new idea or approach, they are intuiting.

A person is either primarily Thinking or Feeling

When someone does not buy a black and green coloured top, because she already has one of that colour combination, she is thinking. When that same girl goes out and feels the urge to buy something just because she likes it, she is feeling.

A person is either primarily Judging or Perceiving

When someone makes a plan for next week, they are being in the judging category of personality type. When that same someone is doing something on the spur of the moment, he or she is using perceiving at that point.



These are broad categories which further can be distinguished into sixteen types of personality, like- the duty fulfiller, the mechanic, the nurturer, the artist, the protector, the idealist, the scientist, the thinker, the doer, the guardian, the performer, the caregiver, the inspirer, the giver, the visionary, the executive. Which are the combinations and permutations of the below listed categories or umbrellas of personality types.


People who are very serious and quiet by nature and very responsible qualify as being the duty fulfillers. They have well developed powers of concentration. They are the ‘good people’. They are ISTJ.

There is ISTP called the mechanics. They are quiet, reserved and are always interested in how and why of the things around them. They have excellent mechanical skills.

There is ISFJ called the nurturer. They are kind, quiet, and conscientious. They put other people’s needs above theirs.

There are artists who are ISFP. They are quiet, serious and do not like conflicts. They have a great aesthetic appreciation for every form of art.

Protectors are INFJ. They are quietly forceful, original and sensitive. They are very intuitive about people and are concerned with their feelings.

There are INFP called the idealists. They are quiet, reflective, and idealistic. They are mentally quick and are able to see possibilities.

There are INTJ who are called the scientists. They are independent, original, analytical and determined. They have an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action.

You also have INTP which are called the thinkers. They are logical, original, and creative and can be very excited about theories and ideas. They are the absent minded professors.

There is the ESTP, called the doer. They are friendly, adaptable, and action-oriented. They are Doers as they are focused on immediate results.

There is also ESTJ called the guardian. They are practical, traditional and organized. They like to be in charge.

There is ESFP, called the performers. They are people oriented and fun loving. They love experiencing new things, they love life. They are likely to be the center of attention in a crowd.

There is ESFJ called the caregivers. They are warm hearted, popular and conscientious. They put other’s needs before theirs.

There is ENFP, called the inspirer. They inspire others with their own enthusiasm.

There is ENFJ called the giver. They are popular, sensitive and have outstanding people skills. They see everything from the human angle and dislike any impersonal analysis.

There is ENTP called the visionary. They are creative, resourceful and intellectually quick. They have an excellent ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions.

There is in the last the ENTJ called the executive. They are assertive, outspoken and are driven to lead. The come up with solid solutions. They value knowledge, competence and are intolerant towards inefficiency or disorganization.

People have different personality types and it’s important for one to know our own type that we fall into.





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