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28 Feb 2019

Work-Life Balance

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Almost everyone around the world, who is working, feels the pressure at work place and often complains about not getting personal time for one-self. Work-life balance, as the name suggests, is devoting number of hours to a task or an activity judiciously such that you make some time for personal enrichment and leisurely activities. Work timings should be sincerely followed but one should learn to be effective at work place such that you can finish you work on time and keep some hours in a day for your physical and mental well-being.


Many people, especially those who are workaholics, find it difficult to achieve this work life balance. They devote so many hours to their work that they find no time for themselves. This affects health in the long run. Putting in many hours at work leads to stress and deteriorates the ability to concentrate. This can slow you down. Hence it is always advisable to work hard but to give equal time to unwind and relax.


It may be difficult to achieve the right kind of balance between work and personal life and it may differ on a daily basis but it is important to plan your day in advance so that you know you can devote at least 2 – 4 hours in a day for family and personal well-being. Many people prefer to join a gym for maintain their health. This can be a great stress buster. It is also important to make some time for your family. Take a break and go for a holiday at least once in a year. Do not carry for work there and soak in the beautiful moment that life offers.


You must remember that every minute, every day will not come back again. Sacrificing on your enjoyment and concentrating too much on achievement will not make you a satisfied person. After all, you do not want to die with any regrets in life. Hence maintaining a healthy balance is important.


Indulge in your hobbies that most of us give up upon after joining work. Activities like painting, singing, reading, gardening, dancing can really help you to combat the work pressure and the stress that you have accumulated at office. Yoga and meditation are also effective in maintaining your mental equilibrium and keeping those energy levels intact.


Watch movies, go for lavish dinners, meet old friends, pamper yourself in a spa, go for a swim, decorate your house, buy some flowers, indulge in pleasurable cooking and alike. All these activities make you feel happy. This in fact can increase your productivity because happiness often gives you a kick and raises your energy levels. Even when you are at work take small breaks that help to concentrate better. In case you have to work on weekends, make sure you take a leave to unwind your self.


Sometimes, not thinking about work and sitting silently in the house can also be a refreshing change. With tablets, laptops and mobile phones everywhere, most people carry work even at home. Most people feel that there is so much competition at workplace they cannot afford to take a break. This mindset is a myth. Everyone should take a break. In fact, these breaks will actually increase your productivity and help you concentrate better. You will be able to strategize and come up with new ideas. Hence, an ideal employee/employer/businessman is the one who knows the tricks of balancing work and personal life.

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