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What is Black Hat SEO 2021?
4 Mar 2021

What is Black Hat SEO? | How to Protect Your Website From Negative SEO? 

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What is Black Hat SEO 2021? | How to Protect Your Website From Negative SEO? 

What is Black Hat SEO 2021? Are you worried about negative SEO? Sometimes when you are not an aware or skilled person then negative SEO can be implemented unconsciously by a digital marketer or a website’s competitors.

Well, negative SEO is a black hat search engine optimization technique that is a bad idea not to be followed at all and this method may harm your website completely.

Rather, your competitors may do negative SEO activities on your website to lower the rank of your website in case they are chasing you.

Preventing negative SEO is necessary to sustain your keywords ranking in Google SERP.

Putting quality SEO techniques is essential but black hat SEO cannot be avoided. You have to pay attention to the dark sides of the website you are working on and we will help you regarding this. What is Black Hat SEO 2021?

What is Negative SEO Black Hat SEO 2021?

First off, you need to understand that negative SEO (so-called Black hat SEO) is not good for a website or blog.

Such techniques always affect the website and SEO badly.

Negative SEO is a process of creating spammy backlinks and duplicate content for a website to destroy its search engine performance.

You would not like to do so.

But your competitors may perform bad behaviors to keep your website stop from online growth.

Bitter truth is, you cannot catch them or complain about them. Spammers can put black hat SEO by keeping themselves hidden.

Which all kinds of activities come under the negative SEO?

You should monitor your website frequently to inspect the Following unethical techniques. These mentioned points may be executed by your competitors.

  • Spammers Generate backlinks using irrelevant keywords
  • Link Farms: – Creating thousands of backlinks using the backlink generating tools. Tools always generate low-quality links to a website entered.
  • Scrapers – They distribute your published content to other submission websites to place your website links. Sites that receive duplicate articles are not good in terms of ranking and performance.
  • Fake reviews – Your competitors may put negative reviews on social media pages like FB with zero or one-star ratings.
  • Click fraud – they click on your SERP listing without any reason and bounce your website within a while. It may lead you to a high bounce rate.
  • Modifying Robots file – Spammers put the wrong robot code into Robots.txt files after hacking your website. They might disallow your whole website or blog posts listing page.

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Prevent the Negative SEO on Your Website?

These are some ways to recognize your website is being affected by negative SEO.

Check Your Webmaster Tool First

Google always keeps you update about website health. And Google webmaster is the one-way spot to get faster information regarding your website.

Google always wants you to know the site errors on time so that you can recover them quickly.

Rather, you can follow the robots.txt file to recognize being de-indexed as well as robots Meta tags in the website header portion.

You should understand the added codes into the robots.txt file as well as performance reports and coverage panel may help you to undergo average CTR, clicks, and impressions, etc.

Check if the website is indexed or not. Robots file is used to give the instruction to the Googlebot.

Lastly, you should enable the email notification option. In which you will be notified through email when Google will punish your website.

This notification could be sent through the message box, manual spam, and security issues segments.

In most cases, Google officially informs you to sort out your website errors instantly.

Drop Down in the Backlink Profile

Are your backlinks are being removed without notifying you?

Monitor backlinks are valuable and the most loved stuff that can provide you a list of existing backlinks right after a single click. And this SEO tool is always employed by digital marketers and SEO analysts.

By getting into the Monitor Backlinks tool, backlinks can be separated into no-follow, do-follow, robots.txt blocked, 301 and 302 redirections, 404 errors, and 500 status codes categories.

You have published a lot of quality content on other websites to get backlinks as the guest author. Suddenly you find the surprising drop down in the backlink profile.

Your backlinks are being removed no matter what the reason behind it. Connect with your publisher’s website and pitch a mail to know why they are removing the backlinks.

Always use a business email account while connecting for the guest post submission. It will ensure you are the original admin of a website. Do not use ordinary accounts like Gmail or Yahoo.

This will ensure your backlink age.

Apart from this these are some backlink finder tools and can be utilized at affordable prices.

Give them a try.


Audit Your Website Consistently, What is Black Hat SEO 2021?

Some useful Google strings might be helpful to reach out to some hidden issues on the website without finding tools.

Just visit Google SERP and search the following operators.

The above operator lets you know the indexed link attached to your domain property. Below the Google search box, you can see the number of site links.

This Google operator shows the total webpage linked to your searched domain name.

If you find some changes in the results, then this is the time to inspect the reasons. Some online marketers believe in this methodology.

Do not let others copy your content and Images

Copying content is a very straightforward task for anyone. People visit the website and click the right-click and select the text press copy.

Within a few minutes, this copied text can be published on another website.

Do not let others steal your content for which you worked hard to create.

You can disable the right-click option for one webpage or the whole website.

You can follow these steps:

  • Use the WP content copy protection tool.
  • Smart SEO tool to Plagiarism Checkers.
  • Use Watermarks on Images.
  • Images Plugin for No Right Click feature

The Decrement in the Keyword Ranking

When Google updates new algorithms then you find a huge reduction in the keywords SERP ranking.

Keep tacking your keywords ranking in the search engine SERP. If you reach out to a sudden drop in the keywords for a particular webpage or the whole website then these two tasks you have to perform.

  • Head over to the Google search console account to check the manual action segment.
  • Check the new Google algorithm updates.
  • Also, you can opt for reliable keyword tracking tools like Ahref or Moz.

Open Google Analytics, What is Black Hat SEO 2021?

While measuring website performance, Google analytics cannot be ignored.

You can find the metrics for users, new users, sessions, page views, bounce rates, and exit rates.

Apart from this, the Google analytics dashboard lets you check the demographics and language-based results, as well as devices-based visitors, which are the essential segment in the audience segment?


To check all the features, you head over the Google analytics, visit the audience and press the overview button.

Visit analytics account daily. This traffic measuring tool does not inform any security threats but keeps tracking the increasing and decreasing in the reports.

Remove Spammy Backlink Linked to your Website

You must reach out to blog Networks which are known as private blog networks and poorly implemented blogs.

Also, gather the low-quality links that are referring to your website as an external website.

Create a list in the notepad (not the word file).

Make ensure this notepad file should not contain any space between the URLs.

Because this spammy links file will be upload in the disavow webmaster tool.

Google offers a disavow tool to digital marketers to remove the spammy, low-quality bad backlinks.

Stop Link Exchanges and Wheels for the website growth. Actually, Google has stopped considering them as a ranking signal.

Also, stop doing the following actions –

  • Networks and Link Farms
  • Switch and Linkbait
  • Low-Quality Press Release Syndication
  • Link back from Directories websites
  • Article submission with full of backlinks

Do not forget to check your backlink profile consistently.

Examine Your Website Speed, What is Black Hat SEO 2021?

Good website speed is a strong website performance signal. You can go through develop Google speed checker tool.

Is someone sending thousands of requests on your website?

It leads you to slow server speed. Your server your website hosted on may get slow down if someone tries to open your website thousands of times from the same IP.

Note – There are a lot of tools that can be applied to open your website thousands of times without going manually.

In this case, the server cannot deliver the users’ requests and the speed of your website may increase.

The following tools may help you to monitor your server speed.


Do not Make Enemy Online

Negative SEO can be completed to take revenge or outrank your website.

Be friendly with your online friends who know you are running a website or working for clients.

Do not share your professional work details with anyone. As I told you above you would not catch them. There is no way to discover the people who are doing suspicious actions.


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